•      Do you believe that addressing the socioeconomic needs of our regions urgently and  
         efficiently is important for durable peace in Sri Lanka?

  •      Do you believe that small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are the backbone of our

  •      Do you believe we need to give our SME’s a hand up (as opposed to a hand out) if we
         are to sustain and grow our economy?

  •      Do you believe we need to lead from behind and provide space for regional
         entrepreneurs to develop "confidence in their own capacities"?

  •      Do you believe we need to bridge the gap between the center and the regions for
         sustainable and equitable economic development in the country?

  •      Do you believe we need reconciliation, tolerance and understanding among diverse

  •      Do you believe we need to empower marginalized communities?

  •      Do you believe philanthropy needs to go beyond charity to create social value?

  •      Do you believe that collective efforts and public-private-people partnerships are an
         effective way forward?

  •      Do you believe a “bottom-up” regional platform with capacity to understand and
         develop regional solutions with support from the center is the need of the day?

       Please partner with the Business for Peace Alliance (BPA) – Sri Lanka’s Network of Regional
    Chambers of Commerce that are united for Regional Empowerment, Conflict Transformation,
    Reconciliation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

      25 Regional Chambers covering every Province in Sri Lanka have come together to create
    social cohesion through commerce, and break the various barriers that are fragmenting our
    society today.

      BPA believes in stimulating innovation in business processes to play a more integrated role in
    society, to influence positive change in society – to make our people “stake-holders” of society –
    to prevent bad things from happening and induce good things to happen.

      We invite partners and sponsors to support us financially and intellectually in this endeavor.  
    Your kind contribution will fast track our efforts to develop sustainable and equitable
    socioeconomic solutions from the bottom-up throughout the entire country and facilitate
    durable peace in Sri Lanka.

How can you support BPA activities?

  •        Contribute financially towards our activities through a monthly/annual pledge or a one off

  •        Share your professional expertise.

  •        Join/Lead a BPA Committee or Focus Group as a volunteer attached to:
  1.        Enterprise & Investment Promotion Committee
    2.        Entrepreneurship & Youth Development Committee
    3.        Media & Communication Advisory Committee
    4.        Voice of Regions Magazine Development Committee
    5.        Event Management Committee
    6.        Fund Raising and Proposal Development Committee
    7.        Big Business Working Group
    8.        Youth Working Group
    9.        Women's Working Group
  10.        Diaspora Working Group
  11.        Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Development & Management Services Group
  12.        English & IT Development Services Group

  •        Join the BPA family as a volunteer attached to a member chamber in a region.

  •        Provide services such as training for staff and regional members on a voluntary basis.

  •      Support to design and print promotional material.

  •      Provide transport and accommodation on a voluntary basis.

  •        Use BPA as a vehicle to implement your development or CSR projects in the regions.

  •        Use BPA networks to mobilize community support for your projects in the regions.

  •        Use BPA resources for research, and to find out the real ground situation in the regions.

  •        Become a mentor of the BPA or a regional chamber by providing expertise in areas such
      as capacity building - management, finance, marketing etc.

  •        Adopt a regional chamber and take over the challenge of partnering with the regional
      business community to develop a productive and sustainable model for regional chambers.

  •        Partner with a regional entrepreneur through "BizPAct".

  •        Be a sponsor for a "Learn and Lead" youth development program in the regions.

  •      Partner with BPA to restore livelihoods of the internally displaced persons of our country.

  •       Partner with BPA to support regional entrepreneurship - Angel Investments, Start-ups,        
      Incubators & Accelerators.

  •      Partner with BPA to transform ex-combatants into entrepreneurs.
Get involved!
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