The Type of Work BPA Does
BPA has run numerous programs and initiatives. Those below have been selected to demonstrate the
range and type of work that is undertaken in the regions through BPA:

Reconciliation Committees
BPA runs a programme entitled Networking Regional Business for Conflict Transformation. This project
works through regional Chambers to bring together influential persons from commercial, civic and
religious communities, across all ethnicities, providing training and tools to increase awareness of the
dynamics and causes of conflict so they can influence their communities positively, and also to
respond to local incidents swiftly, mediating on the ground to avoid the escalation of unrest. This
program is currently being implemented in Galle, Kalutara, Kegalle, Kandy, Trinco and Amapara
Districts with assistance from the Netherlands Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Empowerment through Peace
BPA has run a series of successful workshops entitled Peace & Conflict from a Regional Empowerment
Perspective in Sri Lanka. This training invites participants from all districts to increase their awareness
of conflict on the ground, and shares practical tools and techniques by which to promote greater
tolerance and demonstrate the advantages of working collaboratively across communities to create
more empowered regions. The success of the initial programme has led to a second phase of training
aimed at embedding and deriving maximum benefit from this learning.

Building the Capacity of the Regions
BPA has run a series of best practice workshops involving representatives from all regions. A recent
example is the Income Generation Workshop run through Voluntary Service Overseas, which provided
a platform for successful income generation models within regional Chambers to be shared, and for
Chamber members generally to pool their ideas as to how they could better service and support their
members to build their businesses, and in so doing, to provide more stable income streams to sustain
the Chamber.

BizPAct (Business-Peace-Action) is a project of the Business for Peace Alliance (BPA).  The purpose of
BizPAct is to encourage sustainable regional socio-economic development that is both conflict-
sensitive and socially responsible – to give our regional entrepreneurs a ‘hand up’ as opposed to a
‘hand out’.  BizPAct has run as a pilot project for one year.  During that time the project has
developed a number of processes to encourage regional entrepreneurs to write business plans and
concept papers. At the same time it has put in place processes to provide an initial evaluation of the
plans and concepts through an Enterprise Steering Committee (ESC).  The ESC is composed of board
members of the BPA, representatives of the Colombo based corporate sector and members of the
business-oriented NGO and INGO sector, such as the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the Employers
Federation of Ceylon, National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka , Young Entrepreneurs Sri Lanka,
Sewa Lanka Foundation, Neelan Thiruchelvam Trust, UNDP, European Chamber of Commerce,
American Chamber of Commerce, and International Alert.  This group brings together key stakeholders
for the development of this project and provides strategy and practical advice about implementation
and achieving project objectives.  Funding for core activities, and development of the "www.BizPAct.
org" website has been provided by International Alert.
BizPAct has successfully conducted two major events:  the "
Invest in Sri Lanka Symposium" in June
2009 and the "
Investment Forum Jaffna" in January 2010.  These events created a platform for Regional
Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers, and Investors (Local, Foreign, and the Sri Lankan Diaspora), to share
and understand each others expectations and to appreciate the importance for context sensitive
regional investment.

Learn & Lead
BPA establishes multi-stakeholder initiatives under the auspice of Corporate Social Responsibility. One
such initiative has the ambitious long term aim of eroding the monopoly of opportunity in Colombo by
identifying gifted students in the regions with the perceived capability to become leaders of
tomorrow, and placing them in schools in Colombo from where they can receive high standards of
education, and establish networks of peers, which – once they graduate – they can draw upon to
bridge the divide of advantage that exists between the regions and the capital.  
Learn and Lead Brochure .PDF     )

Investment opportunities in a special community
An event to raise the awareness of local and larger businesses of the commercial opportunities
available through collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health was held with the support
of Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).  The event show cased exciting examples in which businesses
have successfully established a partnership with the National Institute of Mental Health. Examples
include: Manufacture & production of goods, Service & contract work, Work placements.  These
partnerships have led to genuine commercial and social returns.  Enlightened and discerning business
can benefit from a growing number of opportunities, and we would like to explore these with you.

Promoting Regional Business
BPA has strong connections with the media at both national and regional level. Through core funding,
BPA promotes and advocates for regional business, and the environment in which businesses operate.
Initiatives include the publication of a Regional Business Directory, which holds profiles of regional
businesses from across the country in all sectors. The Directory aims to encourage greater commercial
and trade linkages between districts and provinces, and between ‘big business’ and SMEs.

Publication of the Regional Business Directory of Sri Lanka 2004  
In collaboration with The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, The Federation of Chambers of Commerce &
Industry of Sri Lanka, and The German Technical Corporation-GTZ.

Publication of the Compendium of Regional Producers Directory 2008
Published by Vijitha Yapa Publications

Entrepreneurship Development
In collaboration with Young Entrepreneurs Sri Lanka (YESL), BPA is empowering entrepreneurship
among youth and Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME's).
Together with YESL, BPA is co-hosting the "
Global Entrepreneurship Week" in Sri Lanka.

Empowering Youth
National expansion of the Hambantota Youth Business Trust, in collaboration with the Ceylon Chamber
of Commerce.

Advocating Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR awareness at regional level and pilot projects on CSR in partnership with BPA member chambers.

Networking & Dialog
Members meet in the regions, hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce, to discuss local issues,
brainstorm solutions, share best practices, and provide a platform for regional policy dialogs and
investor forums.

Peace Visits
Members of the Chambers, their families and friends, travel for personal, cultural and business
exchanges, organised by the BPA and the participating Chambers of Commerce.

International Exchanges
Educational and investment promotion programs (Eg."The Kanzai SME Forum" - Kyoto & Osaka, Japan,
"Study of South Africa's Peace Process", Johannesburg, South Africa, and Study Tours to Turkey, New
York, & London; and receiving Members of the South African Peace Process & Members of the
Canadian Sri Lankan Diaspora Community).

Domestic Investor and Policy Maker Dialogs
Meetings/Seminars with policy makers and investors on issues affecting Peace and Economic Stability,
and investment opportunities in the regions.   

Workshops & Seminars
Training programs focusing on Communication & Presentation Skills, Conflict Transformation, and
Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.

Credit Facilitation
Facilitating access to affordable credit for the regional business community.

Trade & Investment Fairs (Peace Bridge)
An inter-regional trade & investment fair with multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual, and multi-
cultural events and exchanges.

Making a Difference
BPA does not actively lobby for peace, but seeks to bring about greater levels of understanding and
cooperation which can bring about a more peaceable society, and through which benefits and greater
levels of prosperity can be derived from all communities. As part of its core activity, BPA engages in
specific activity to this end. Examples include successful lobbying for the opening of the A9 in order
to allow the continuation of trade between the Northern Province and the rest of the country, and
facilitating the sale of rice from Kilinochchi to Kurunegala, to meet shortages in the North Western
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